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Chicken Soup For The Soul Country Music Winners!!

We Have The Chicken Soup For The Soul Country Music Winners!! They Are~ #9~Ale #11~Marjorie #44~Stephen I have sent a email and you 48 hours to respond. Not the winner this time?!? No worries~Stop by again as you never know what you might find!!

My Coke Rewards-Schools Program

This post brought to you by My Coke Rewards . All opinions are 100% mine. Everybody loves Coke right? Well,now there is even a better way for you to not only enjoy all of your favorite Coke products but also help schools in your neighborhood!  As Coke Rewards has a new program where you can donate all your points to a school in your community to help students with things that they really need. Such as art supplies~sports equipment and class books~and many other resources that will help students learn and excel. My Coke rewards for schools My Coke Rewards for Schools is an easy way for parents, friends and others in the community to support local schools by donating My Coke Rewards points. Points can be found on many different beverages. You can register to a free account and it is real easy~Only takes a few minutes to make a lifetime difference! Now through September 30, Sprite is giving away 25 playgrounds, worth $25,0

Straight Talk 2-No Contrats-No Problem!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk . All opinions are 100% mine. Have you been paying over $50.00 for your cell phone bill? If you are like the average person you are paying more and I am here to tell you about Straight Talk. As you can get Unlimited Monthly service is only $45.00. That and includes calls, text, picture messaging, and web. Did you know that you can get Straight Talk 2 with no contract?!? It's true~you an get everything you need Want to save even more? For only $499.00 a year~You get unlimited calls, text, picture messaging and web! That is enough for even your teenagers! call a friend     Just think of the money you will save each year! As Straight Time is free from activation, reactivation, or termination fees and 411 calls are included free. Now you can spend that money on something fun for a change!     Need more? Check out the All You Need Plan~ 1,

Pretty Woman Perfume Winners!

The Pretty Woman Perfume Winners Have Been Chosen They Are~ Numbers #22~Clenna! and #228~Norma! Congrats Ladies~I have sent you a email and you have 48 hours to respond. If you are not the winner this time~Please stop by again as I have many more new things in store!

Safe From the Past Blog Tour and Giveaway!

~Safe From The Past~ Patricia Miller Mauro A kidnapping, the divorce of her parents, the loss of her father, temporary abandonment and extreme poverty are just some of the issues the author dealt with as a young child.  Her mother finally tells her she must go to college so she can break out of this cycle of poverty and hopelessness. But how can she when she has no money and absolutely no confidence or self esteem?  Read this true story to discover what hope, faith and determination can do to change a life. A truly inspiring, deeply personal tale of perseverance in the face of unimaginable hardships, Safe from the Past makes clear the restorative power of an education. Told in an open, honest voice with the deepest sincerity, the author's life story serves as a rousing inspiration to those with the desire to create a better life than the one they are currently living. No matter how helpless you feel, everyone has the power to shape their own life. This was a very go

Things Remembered Contest and Giveaway 8/2

Things Remembered is having a Holiday Photo Contest on Facebook right now! I know you are thinking Holiday?!? Well~it's never to early to think about the holidays and Things Remembered is giving you a chance to win $200.00 and be featured in their Holiday Campaign! It's real easy to enter~all you have to do is enter your favorite holiday photo! Here is my entry~ ~Santa Helpers~ Christmas is one of my favorite time of the years and this is one of my favorite photos! This is my oldest and her daughters and I just love the smiles on their faces. Don't they make cute Santa Helpers? You can enter too~But you better hurry as it ends August 4th! Enter here ~Giveaway~ *Enter To Win*  One Reader Will Win A 5 X 7 Soho Gunmetal Frame from Things Remembered! This will be great to frame that picture in that you submitted in the contest. Please enter Below to Win~ <a href="">You need javascript enabled to s

Shabby Apple Is Having A Sale!

~ Shabby Apple ~ Did you know that Shabby Apple is Having a Sale?!?  That's right until the end of July everything is 20% off and Free Shipping! -This 20% Off Sale Includes SALE ITEMS and our PRACTICALLY PERFECT SECTION !  That makes some of their dresses as low as $40! I love Shabby Apple~the dresses are too cute and fit so well. They have one that will fit your style~and at this price you can pick up 2!   These are just a few of my favorites~ You can see all this and more at Shabby Apple but you better hurry before time runs out!

The Lucille Ball RKO Comedy Collection Vol.1 DVD Giveaway 8/8

Celebrate the 100 th Birthday of the queen of comedy with the Warner Archive! is thrilled to announce the DVD release of The Lucille Ball RKO Comedy Collection: Vol. 1 in honor of Lucy’s  100 th Birthday:   Long before she was crowned the queen of TV, Lucille Ball reigned as the "Queen of the Bs" for RKO Pictures, appearing in over 43 films in under a decade. Although she had yet to find her niche, Lucy's prodigious talents, grace and charm as a performer found her much in demand across a wide variety of movies. This collection brings together three rarely seen cinematic treasures from Lucy's RKO days, giving modern audiences a chance to witness a star on the rise. 3 Films on 2 DVDs.  ~The Lucille Ball RKO Comedy Collection Vol. 1~ This DVD is set to be released on Aug 2nd and you can be one of the first see it! Films Included: Go Chase Yourself~ (1938) Before she hitched her hilarious antics to Vincente Minnelli&#

Mrs. Renfro's Salsa Giveaway Winner!!

We Have The Winner of the Mrs. Renfro's Salsa's!! It is Number~54 Lara Congrats!! I have sent a email and you have 48 hours to respond. Not you that won this time?!? No worries~I have many more new things in store so please stop by again!

Supernatural The Anime Series on DVD/Blu-Ray Now!

Did you watch the Supernatural and can't wait to see it again? Well~Today is the day as WB has released the anime series today!! Supernatural noted for its creative storytelling of the occult during its first six seasons on The CW Network, has also achieved great popularity across the planet – particularly in Japan. Inspired by its sensational following overseas, Warner Home Video Japan and renowned animation studio Madhouse combined forces to envisi on Supernatural as an anime series – first released in Japan and now translated for American audiences. The creators of Supernatural were able to construct an animated world in which there were no boundaries. This new look into Supernatural brings new perspective to the show. From adding color, intensity and action to scenes, to vivid images of horrifying demons, the medium does not disappoint. Has your perspective ever changed by looking at life moments in a new light? I have had many life changes over the years but I would sa

Challenge Go Bots DVD Review

The GoBots are reporting for action on DVD and they have never looked this good!.Experience the first five episodes of the exciting animated series -- known to fans as "The Battle for Gobotron" saga -- in revitalized digitally remastered splendor. On distant planet GoBotron dwells a race of robots able to transform themselves into amazing fighting vehicles. As war rages between noble Guardian GoBots and evil Renegade GoBots, the Renegades escape to Earth to conquer the planet. But the Guardians follow and the battle begins. Along with heroic humans, Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter strive to keep Earth safe from the Renegades and other foes, from invading aliens to deranged scientists and dangerous gangs. Based on Hasbro's GoBots toy line, the American version of the Japanese toy line Machine Robo. {I was sent  Challenge of the Gobots DVD to review~All opinions are my own.No monies were offered or exchanged} 

Tracfone-Find One For You!

This post brought to you by TracFone . All opinions are 100% mine. Back when I was a kid there was no cell phones. Now~I don't think that there are too many kids without one. I know that  I remember when I first got my cell phone~it was so heavy and  there was no way that I could close it~let alone carry it in my pocket. Now that times have changed~so have cell phones! As there are so many different styles and features. Heck~my grandchildren know more about them then I do!   Having cell phones for everyone can become expensive. But not anymore as with Tracfone you can find a plan that is right for you and your family! As you can choose~ Pay As You Go~You can add minutes at thousand's of stores or online. It is real easy. Just look at this video from  real TracFone customers to see for yourself! One Year Service Cards~You will receive double minutes for the life the life of your phone and 800 minutes.

Christmas in July with

Did you know that in only 5 months it will be Christmas ? ! ?                                                  I have already started to get things for the grandchildren as I have so many to buy for that I try to shop all year. We also like to decorate the whole house as Christmas is my favorite time of the year. One thing that we like to do is hang all the Christmas Cards up that we get. We get so many of them that it seems a shame to just put them in the drawer. We usually just make a circle around one of the doorways as that way everyone that comes over can also enjoy them. I like to start shopping early for our Christmas cards as that is just one more thing that I can cross off my list. One of the places that I have found that has everything that we need is   As they have everything you need for all your holidays! At the end of the season we like to find things to do with all the unique Christmas cards . A great way to recycle the cards from year to year~   Gift Tags

The Smurfs A Magical Smurf Adventure Review and Giveaway 8/5

Get your Smurf on with Warner Home Video’s release of~ ~ The Smurfs A Magical Smurf Adventure ~ In a hidden village dwells a clan of magical creatures, living in mushroom houses and taking showers with dewdrops. They’re those international celebrities known far and wide as the Smurfs — and they’re back on DVD. This itty-bitty powder-blue crew, including Brainy, Lazy, Vanity and Smurfette, is led by the wise, gentle and 542-year-old Papa Smurf. Gargamel, the local evil wizard, is forever scheming against the tiny team but our little friends outsmurf him every time! The Smurfs may only be three apples high, but they left miles of smiles on the faces of Saturday morning cartoon fans.  Smurf it up again with this colorful collection of superior Smurftainment!.  Who doesn't remember the Smurfs? As they were the hottest thing around for many years. Hanna Barbera, produced the animated series of "The Smurfs" and the popularity of these cute little guys just so

Frecklebox Giveaway Winner!!

We Also Have The Winner for the $40.00 Gift Card to Frecklebox! It Is Number~#196 Rae T Congrats To You!! I have sent a email and you have 48 hours to respond. Now you that won?!? Not to worry~Stop by again as I have many new things in store!

A Lucky Horseshoe Wall Decals Winner!

The Winner of the Wall Decal from A Lucky Horseshoe has been Chosen!! It Is Number~#~30 BJ Congrats!!To You~I have sent a email and you have 48 hours to respond. Not you that won this time?!? No worries~I have many more new things in store so please stop back!

Plonk Wine Merchants Review!

I like to drink a glass of wine at times. But I don't like to pay the high price. As many of the wines that I like are very expensive so I can't buy them that often. And~now that we have cut down on going out to eat~I had to find something to drink that will fit in to our budget that still tasted good. ~ Plonk Wine Merchants ~ *The World's Best Cheap Wine Under $30.00* As~all wines in this store are priced strictly at $30 or below and offer an outstanding bang for the buck! Plonk Wine Merchants is the ultimate online destination for artisanal, obscure, and altogether great cheap wine. Plonk Wine Merchants brings you an expertly curated collection of incredible premium quality wine from around the globe at extremely affordable prices without giving up taste. Plonk Wine Merchants is the brainchild of Etty Lewensztain, a curly-haired, food and wine obsessed Los Angeles native who is certified by the esteemed Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and the American So

Supernatural: The Anime Series on DVD/Blu-Ray!

 After being separated for years, the Winchester brothers come together and surmount enormous obstacles (including some pretty gnarly demons) in search of their father. Throughout the show, family and brotherhood specifically is a very important theme. In fact, it is often the key element that saves each brother’s life when things get the most dangerous. I only have one sister but we were very close growing up.As my parents bought a bar and we worked there with them and also did everything together with our kids for almost 15 years. Even though we now live far apart~I still would do anything in the world for her. As we lost both of our parents so it is just her and I am we need to take care of each other! As I love her with all my heart and more... How about you?  Do you have a brother or sister that you would stand alongside and fight demons? How has family been there for you in moments of crisis? I'd love to hear a little of your story too!   You can  pre-orde

Almost Time For School Again

Even though it is over 100 degrees here today~it's not too early to start thinking about the kids going back to school. I have listed some ways to make it less stressful~ Be Prepared~call the school and see if their list is out yet for the supplies that are needed. As many have them out already and you can find some great deals now. I was at the dollar store the other day and they had notepads marked down already. I also found many supplies that were on clearance such as rulers and erasers. Shop the sales are I have seen many kids things on sale at all the stores in the mall. As that sundress or shorts can still be worn for the first month of school.  Master Lock® has hired a new specialist on student life to help students safely and securely navigate this school year in style. The Master Mind, a suave and funny college grad, is staring in a humorous online video series on in which he, along with his clever Little Sister, are setting out to answer students’ most frequent, a

Honey Nut Cheerios Prize Pack Giveaway 8/3

In our house cereal is must! As when the grandchildren come over that is the first thing they want to eat no matter what time it is! They know that we will let them eat cereal. As a little spoiling never hurt them. One of their favorites has been mine for a long time. I'm talking about Honey Nut Cheerios. We have a box all the time as it is not only for breakfast. We can eat it any time and it is good with or without milk~as some like it with,some without. As a special thanks for making Honey Nut Cheerios cereal America´s #1 choice, they are hosting a “Billion ‘O’ Giveaway” providing free samples of Honey Nut Cheerios cereal to fans beginning July 4, 2011, available while supplies last. Zip on over to for your sweet sample. It´s a celebration Honey Nut Cheerios plans to keep going all summer long. So start your day with a touch of honey sweetness and heart-healthy whole grain oats – grab a spoon and let´s enjoy this moment together. You can even showcase yo