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Dinosaur Train Is Back With A Giveaway 2/15*CLOSED*

Did you get a chance to catch all-new 2011 episode of the PBS Kids hit show Dinosaur Train   when it premiered on Monday, January 17? This is such a great show~my grandchildren have been watching since it started now.They all the different caricatures and they can't wait for another episode! In the new episode “The Good Mom:Diamond Anniversary"~Mrs.Pteranodon meets fellow mom Millie Maiasaura~who is a little too over-protective of her kids.The two moms share some time comparing mothering methods in a play date at the Big Pond. And~Mr.and Mrs.Pteranodon decide to surprise each other with gifts on their anniversary. The new character Maiasaura~which means "good mother lizard" was a large duck-billed dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous. There is evidence that Maisaura lived in large nesting colonies and that the parents diligently cared for their young. Available at Kohl’s are the “ Dinosaur Train Striped Footed Pajamas,” just wh

Tiny Prints-What Is Love?

With Valentine's Day right around the corner I have been thinking abut what cards that I am going to be getting the grandchildren.That is why I was so happy to see all the different Tiny Prints Valentine's Day cards ! As they have  Valentine's Day greeting cards, Valentine's cards for kids, and a host of Valentine's Day stickers and gift tags! What Is Love?  The greatest joy I have is being called "Grandma" To me the meaning of love shines through in each one of my grandchildren.They are the light of my life.Each one of them means something special to me as they have their own personalities and I love watching them learn and grow.Just hearing them say "Grandma" melts my heart as there is not a better feeling.Those sticky sloppy kisses are so sweet and when those little arms go around me it just gives me a great feeling. I found some really cute cards from tiny Prints that I could send~ Tiny Prints provides simple, modern and unique statio

Cross Fire AudioBook By James Patterson Giveaway! 2/17

Wedding Bells Ring Detective Alex Cross and Bree's wedding plans are put on hold when Alex is called to the scene of the perfectly executed assassination of two of Washington D.C.'s most corrupt: a dirty congressmen and an underhanded lobbyist. Next, the elusive gunman begins picking off other crooked politicians, sparking a blaze of theories--is the marksman a hero or a vigilante? A Murderer Returns The case explodes, and the FBI assigns agent Max Siegel to the investigation. As Alex and Siegel battle over jurisdiction, the murders continue. It becomes clear that they are the work of a professional who has detailed knowledge of his victims' movements--information that only a Washington insider could possess. Caught in a Lethal Cross Fire As Alex contends with the sniper, Siegel, and the wedding, he receives a call from his deadliest adversary, Kyle Craig. The Mastermind is in D.C. and will not relent until he has eliminated Cross and his family for g

The Wolves of Andover AudioBook Winners!!

We Have The Wolves of Andover AudioBook Winners!! The Lucky Numbers Are~ #1~Jenny #18~Gladys P Congrats!! I have sent a email and you have 48 hours to respond. Didn't win this time?!? No worries~I am listing more new things all the time so stop by again!

Rescue By Anita Shreve AudioBook Winners!!

The Winners of the Rescue By Anita Shreve AudioBook Have Been Chosen!! They Are Numbers~ #20~ Rachel #69~Nicole C Congrats! I have sent a email and you have 48 hours to respond. Not you that won this time? No worries~I am listing more new things all the time so stop by again. That next one just might be You!!

Pro Flowers $50.00 Gift Code Giveaway! 2/7*CLOSED*

I just looked at the calendar and realized that Valentine's Day is only 19 days away! Where did January go already? It seems like only yesterday that I took the tree down and now I am thinking about hearts~flowers and candy.That is why I am super excited to share ProFlowers Valentines Page ! As there are so many choice there that I know you will find just the gift that you need.As ProFlowers has not only beautiful flowers but also plants~candy and gift baskets and more. I looked for something that I could share.Don't get me wrong~I love flowers it's just that I wanted something different this time.Look At This~   Wild About You Gift~! Is that not the Cutest Lion that you ever did see?? And with all the goodies there is enough to set out for everyone to help me eat it!  What's Included~ 3 oz Colossal Pistachios 3 oz Caramel Popcorn 3 oz Chocolate Covered Cherries 3 oz Cupid Corn 3 oz Foil wrapped Chocolate Hearts 3 oz Jelly Belly Beans 3

My Dreams Of A Great Getaway...

 I live in the cold state of Minnesota and we have gotten over 5 feet of snow already this year! I am so tired of not only the snow but also the cold weather.It seems that I have spent so much time indoors that I can tell you everything that is on TV every night of the week~and my favorites!  I want to go where the sun is shining and the temps are above 0. There has to be some place that the weather is nicer isn't there?!? Where I don't have to put on 3 layers of clothing just to go to check the mail!  The place that I dream of going to is Las Vegas! Not only is the weather great~my sister and daughter live there with their families. I would take Bob~ my kids and grand kids that live here and we would all stay at a hotel where of course it is kid friendly like Circus~Circus as there is one whole floor with just amusement games.And there is always something going on there for kids and adults alike.We would have so much fun just visiting with family and getting caught up.As th

American Beauty CoolCare Curling Iron Holder Winner!

We Have The Winner of The  American Beauty CoolCare Curling Iron Holder!! It Is Number~#129 Anash! Congrats! I have sent a email and you have 48 hours to respond. Didn't win this time?!? No worries~I am listing more new things all the time! So~please stop by again!

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Straightening Flat Iron Review!

Are you still looking for that flat iron like the pro's use? As if you are anything like me,you go to the salon and they straighten your hair and it looks fabulous! One washing~and plug in your store flat iron and you just didn't get the same result that you had then. I know how frustrating that can that can be that is why I here to tell you about the Karmin G3 Salon Pro !  The Perfect styling tool~Should you choose to straighten, curl, flip,add volume and body, the G3 is the only hairstyling iron you will ever need! The Karmin G3 features Tourmaline Ceramic plates that heat quickly and evenly. Tourmaline is a semi precious gem that, when heated, creates more pressure that helps flatten the hair when straightening. This quality ceramic eliminates “hot spots,” or sections of the plate that are hotter than others. It’s important to maintain even heat to straighten the hair efficiently and to avoid frizz. It comes in 3 colors too~Black~White and Pink! I have been u

Hell's Corner AudioBook Giveaway! 2/6

An attack on the heart of power . . . In sight of the White House . . . At a place known as . . . HELL'S CORNER John Carr, aka Oliver Stone-once the most skilled assassin his country ever had-stands in Lafayette Park in front of the White House, perhaps for the last time. The president has personally requested that Stone serve his country again on a high-risk, covert mission. Though he's fought for decades to leave his past career behind, Stone has no choice but to say yes. Then Stone's mission changes drastically before it even begins. It's the night of a state dinner honoring the British prime minister. As he watches the prime minister's motorcade leave the White House that evening, a bomb is detonated in Lafayette Park, an apparent terrorist attack against both leaders. It's in the chaotic aftermath that Stone takes on a new, more urgent assignment: find those responsible for the bombing. British MI-6 agent Mary Chapman becomes Stone'

Pocoyo &Friends Bubble Bath Day Winner!!

We Have The Pocoyo &Friends Bubble Bath Day Winner!! It Is Number~ #5~Jessica Congrats!! I have sent a email and you have 48 hours to respond. Didn't win? No Worries~I am listing more new things all the time so stop by again!

Fragrance Discovery Day - Sponsored Post

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Mix Pups Winner!!

We Have The Winner For The Mix Pups!! It Is Number~ #169~naynays1 Congrats! I have sent a email and you have 48 hours to respond. Didn't win this time?!? No worries~I have many more new things to come. So please stop by again!!

Energizer Max Keep Going & Batteries Giveaway! 2/5

Do you know someone with unwavering determination, an energetic spirit and the drive to make a difference? If so, they could join the ranks of National Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr. and the many others recognized for their unstoppable energy in the Energizer Keep Going ® Hall of Fame .    From now through Feb. 4, 2011, people are invited to enter their own personal stories or nominate someone they know online at . Just like America’s non-stop icon, the Energizer Bunny, nominees should embody the Keep Going spirit by making a positive impact on the world through extraordinary determination and courage. Cal Ripken, Jr., who became the first member of the Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame six years ago, is once again helping lead the search for the next Inductee. If this sounds like someone you know~tell them about it! It could be a friend~family member or maybe even You! Who wouldn't want to be in the Energizer Hall of Fame??  T

My Simple Changes For 2011

I have been thinking about changes I need to make for 2011. I am one of those people that make resolutions and never keep them.This time I plan to keep 2 that I have made.I am going to start eating healthier. I have to control that urge to munch on those chips and dip.And instead reach for the carrots and celery and fresh veggies. I am going to cup up to put in my fridge with a low~calorie dip that I can make myself.As I love all veggies I so there is no reason that I can't make it all myself. As one day it really is going to get warm here in Minnesota{it is below 0 today} and I want to be able to wear shorts this year.Not only will I look better but I will feel better about myself. As this has been one cold long winter already{we have over 50 inches of snow} and I can feel that extra weight that I have gained...My jeans are getting tight and Bob is only going to fall for that "You put them in the dryer" statement so many times..LOL {As he does the laundry most of the tim

ErgoMotion Laser Mouse Review and Giveaway! 2/1

~You Can Finally Say Goodbye to Aches and Pains While Mousing Around!~ I am on the computer all the time~with my Blog here and other things that I do I spend many hours on the internet.Most of that is on my laptop as it is easier to do other things and not have to stay in one place. But as you can imagine doing all of that comes with some pain. That is why I am so excited to tell you about the ErgoMotion Laser Mouse ! Introducing anti-gravity comfort from your computer mouse. Thanks to the patented ErgoMotion pivot system, your mouse now feels like it’s “floating on air!” The Whirl Laser mouse actually floats with you and provides constant, luxurious comfort! There's no question, it’s time to get rid of that fixed-position, static mouse, and upgrade to the comfort of the Whirl Laser Mouse with ErgoMotion. Whether you are right- or left-handed, you can enjoy the unique on-the-go experience of an Award Winning computer mouse! It is so easy to use all you do is plug it in~N

Dreaming About Summer With CSN

Here in Minnesota we are in the deep freeze of Winter. We have over 50 inches of snow and today it is so cold out that I don't even want to leave the house.I want sunshine and warm weather.. So~I have been dreaming about summer and getting a swing set for the grandchildren.Because when they come over here they want to go to the park and I am not always up to that long walk there. So~I have thought about bringing the fun to them! I have a huge backyard and I know that they would love it!There are many selections at CSN for swing sets so I am sure that I will find one that I like.The prices are super and shipping is Free!

Arctic Ease Review & Giveaway 1/31*CLOSED*

~It's A Ice Bag Without All The Ice!~ Why mess with ice bags that melt and leak? Or frozen ice and gel packs that don’t conform to the injury? Why worry about having to apply ice, then remove it, then reapply? Until now, you had no choice. There was no better way. But Arctic Ease has changed all that.  Arctic Ease wraps and pads are an incredibly simple but effective alternative to traditional cold therapy. They absorb heat energy from the body to cool the covered area. The absorbed heat is then lost to evaporation, which allows for hours of targeted cold therapy. Arctic Ease is ready to use right out of the package -- no refrigeration is necessary. And mobility isn't limited since Arctic Ease conforms to the affected area without the need for clips or tape. Arctic Ease is reusable, odorless and environmentally friendly. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have had 3 surgery's on my knees yet I still get pain and swellin