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Hotels Ect. Has Discounts For All Your Travel Needs!

We are all looking for ways to save money and this time I have found a site that will help you do just that. No matter what travel services you are looking for Hotels Ect . has you covered. From how you are going to get there to what to do. There is even a place to look for shopping and movies.  Right after you sign up for a membership you are able to start seeing the savings!  The site is very easy to use~just put the destination that you are going to and it will show all the discounts that are offered in each city and state. It shows you how much you save every time. There are hotels, cruises, cars and even local attractions. So you can save money each time that you leave the house. You can even save when eating out so this is a win~win situation to me! As the savings add up you will be able to do more things and visit more places. And I think that you will agree if you sign up for Hotels Ect . too.  {I was sent the Hotels Ect membership. No monies were offered or accepted. All abo
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Hormel Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs!

  If you are like most families~you are always on the look out for snacks that are better for you.  I know that I am as it seems that when my grandchildren are here they are always asking for something to eat! This time I had some Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs  by Hormel for them to snack on. They come in 3 great flavors~ Cinnamon & Sugar  Ranch Nacho Cheese  Each serving has 16 grams of protein~no preservatives and gluten free! They are small round puffs and there are quite a few in each bag. My grandson loved the cinnamon and sugar~and I love that he is getting protein and they are good for him! We also tried the nacho cheese and the ranch and they were tasty as well. If you are looking to add protein to your eating habits too you need to try these and you can only get them on Amazon. These are great to eat between meals and also when you are looking for a snack at night. These will fill you up and are good for you! You can find them on Amazon here .  {Disclosure~I received

All Season Seersucker Comforter Set by Sleep Zone! #Realhonestopinions #ad

I love changing out my comforter~as it seems like then your whole look changes without redecorating! This time I got the All Season Seersucker Set from Sleep Zone and let me tell you this set is fabulous, It is so soft and it takes shape as soon as you put it on the bed.  So easy to put on and it looks nice and it's so soft and silky! It's lightweight yet warm enough with a small blanket on the bed. It is just so cozy and warm at the same time and I like the fact that it is not bulky at all. It arrives with 2 pillow shams so nothing is needed to make your room look great.  As you can see above it has like a ripple effect look to it~so it looks very expensive but it's not! And if it gets soiled you just put it in the washer on cold and it comes out looking like new. I love this as it can be used year round. I think that you would like it too as it also comes in more colors that are sure to match your decor. You can see it right here on Amazon. 

Metallic Foil Cupcake Liners by Lelekiss! #Ad #realhonestopinion

I love to bake and it was cloudy yesterday so I decided to make cupcakes! And this time I decided to make them with the new metallic foil liners that I just from Amazon. Let me tell you these are not just any ordinary liners. These are made very heavy duty and the colors are really bright and bold! I choose the purple but there are other colors if that is not your jam. There are 6 different colors to choose from and you will not be disappointed. Made with a food safe paper so no worries there.  It was easy to pour the liquid in them and they looked so nice when they were all done! Would be great for parties and you could also put little candies or mints in them. I am sure that you will find you favorite color. You can check them out on Amazon here .

Biodegradable Paper Straws by Gifbera #Ad #realhonestopinion

I have 12 grandchildren and they love straws! So I was really excited to get this pack of paper straws as they are very thick so they can handle all different kinds of beverages. There are 5 different colors included so I am sure that everyone will find their favorite. These would be great for any type of party of get together that you have planned as they are nice enough to put out in a glass for decoration. And now that so many places are banning straws you can be ready with your own supply. As if you are anything like me~everything tastes better when you are drinking out of a straw! You can see these tight here on Amazon . 

LED Flower Crown and Butterfly Hairpin by Coxeer! #Ad #realhonestopinion

We are always looking for fun things to do or wear for all of our family functions. This time we got the flower crowns and butterfly hairpins from Coxeer! These are so cute and you can wear them together or separate. Each one comes with a battery already installed so they are ready to go as soon as you open the package.  You can wear these for a wedding~dance~party~night out or just for fun! Would also be great to take pictures with as it would add that little bit of bling.  As the light shines just right. So people will notice them but it will not be over powerful.  I love that these are one size fits all so both ladies and girls can wear them. You could take all the hairpins and wear them at once and have all the different colors at once! If you are planning a wedding or to attend one this would be the perfect touch to any outfit. The butterfly clips are so easy to attach as well. You can see these right here on Amazon . 

Tape Measure Measuring Tapes by Airisoer! #Ad #realhonestopinion

~Tape Measure Measuring Tapes by Airisoer!~ It seems that when I am looking to measure something~I can't ever find a tape measure! So I was real excited to see that this set came with 3 of them. Now I can carry one in my purse so I have it~when I need it. As I like to shop at garage sales and second hand stores and many times the tags are missing.  The numbers are so easy to see and it is made with soft fiber material so it is lightweight but strong to last.  The black round one has a retractable button so it is really easy to use. And when you want to keep the measurement it can stop right on it. I am very happy with this set and I think that you would be too! You can check it out right here on Amazon.