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Women's Knit Headbands by Fascigirl #Ad #realhonestopinions

It has been so cold here in Midwest that you can hardly go out~even during the day! But we all know life goes on and that means that I have to go outdoors. So I am always looking for warm things to wear and this time I hit the jackpot with the knit headbands by Fascigirl! These bands are so cute and you get all 6 of the different colors with your order. So no matter what the color of your coat you will find one to match. The bands are so cute with the bow on the front and they stretch so girls and women can both wear them.  And you can also use these to keep your neck warm or pull them up around your face. Very well made and easy to care for~hand wash and air dry. These are soft and thick enough to keep my warm in these winds. You can see these on Amazon to get some of your own as I love them and think that you will too

Digital Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer-Berrcom!

Having 3 children~and now 11 grandchildren I have used many thermometer's over the years. And they sure have come a long way since my children were little! As this is the first one that I have seen that has 3 Modes on it. You can take  Body, Room, and Surface temperatures.  Your thermometer  is ready to use as soon as you open the package as they even include the 2AA batteries that are needed. You just turn it on and take the temp~It also has a memory on it so you can store 32 recordings if needed. There is alarm if you need to take it every so many hours and a silent mode so if the little one is sleeping you will not disturb them. And when you are finished with the thermometer there is even a cute little drawstring bag to keep it in!   You can see this for yourself on Amazon right here #Ad        #realhonestopinions