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Hormel Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs!

  If you are like most families~you are always on the look out for snacks that are better for you.  I know that I am as it seems that when my grandchildren are here they are always asking for something to eat! This time I had some Happy Little Plants Protein Puffs  by Hormel for them to snack on. They come in 3 great flavors~ Cinnamon & Sugar  Ranch Nacho Cheese  Each serving has 16 grams of protein~no preservatives and gluten free! They are small round puffs and there are quite a few in each bag. My grandson loved the cinnamon and sugar~and I love that he is getting protein and they are good for him! We also tried the nacho cheese and the ranch and they were tasty as well. If you are looking to add protein to your eating habits too you need to try these and you can only get them on Amazon. These are great to eat between meals and also when you are looking for a snack at night. These will fill you up and are good for you! You can find them on Amazon here .  {Disclosure~I received