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Cowgirl Chocolates Review & Giveaway!CLOSED

  Have you heard of Cowgirl Chocolates yet?!?   I had never heard of them and was looking for truffles online one nite and came across Cowgirl Chocolates and knew that I wanted to try them as I love Spicy Foods! Head Cowgirl Marilyn Lysohir founded Cowgirl Chocolates in 1997.   Her two favorite things in the world are art (she has a notable career as a ceramic sculptor) and chocolate. In fact her first job was working in a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania. Marilyn mingled some favorite memories with some new ideas to create an American original, Cowgirl Chocolates. I was given the chance to review the 1/3 pound Truffle Sampler~and it came wrapped so Cute!  It had black ribbon around a beautiful red box with a little star in the middle and it contained all of the flavors that they carry.    They have the most delicious blend of sweet and spicy chocolate and I was very impressed with the mixture of flavors.  The Habenero Caramel was my favor

Piggy Paint Review & Giveaway!CLOSED

  Piggy Paint is the safe choice for children!  All of their products are~ Non-toxic Low Odor Water-based formula Hypoallergenic I recently was sent some samples of Piggy Paint Nail Polish and also a bottle of Nail Polish Remover to try and it just so happened that my granddaughter Haley{who is 9} was spending the night with us!  So~we took out the Nail Polish that I had gotten in the color of Girls Rule! and let me tell you this is one beautiful color~it is a real pretty pink with glitter that any girl would love! I also loved it too :-) Haley opened the bottle and there was no strong scent~and I thought that was great as sometimes that nail polish scent is even too strong for me. She didn't have any problems with the bottle at all and the polish went on really smooth and shiny. It only takes a minute to dry so it looks great almost right after you finish! I love this stuff and it comes in many different colors so I am sure that you

Bee Well Wishes Review & Giveaway!CLOSED

  When someone you love is going through a tough time, send comfort with a bee well wish. It's comfy, soft things they actually need that feel like a hug from you.  This company has such beautiful products for people that are either in the hospital or going thru a rough time or sickness. As sometimes flowers or candy are just not the gift that you are looking for and that was the case with this company coming about.. Tina was 8 months pregnant when she found out she had a brain tumor and could not have surgery until the baby was born.Elizabeth was born and Tina had the surgery but had a long healing process ahead of her..And~the flowers and food poured in for all the people that meant well but her hubby is allergic and she had a feeding tube so she was so happy when a good friend bought her a pair of pajamas! As this is the one gift that she really could use. And~that is when Tina and her husband came up with Bee Well Wishes! When I first learned of thi

Got A Surpise Friday!!

Sorry I haven't been here all week~end but my daughter showed up all the way from Las Vegas!!  She didn't tell any of us here in Minnesota so to say I was shocked is a understatement. :-)  So~we have been busy catching up and doing things around here. I will be doing a new review later this week~as I have been getting so many things in the mail!  So~please bear with me as I have not forgotten I just have been busy here with family stuff. And~I promise that you will be surprised with all the new things that are in store!!   

Spread Heads Review & Giveaway!~CLOSED!!

Are You Looking for something fun for the Kiddies?  Or maybe yourself? Well~Look no more as thanks to the Good People over at Spread Heads~I was sent me a complete set of the Spread Heads to review and giveaway! As you can see by the pictures~there is one for Ketchup{Ketchup Charlie} that when you screw the top on the bottle of Ketchup and the Ketchup runs out of his nose!! Then there is one for the Mustard{Mustard Marvin} that you screw the top and and Mustard comes out of his mouth! These would be great for the BBQ's ~I'm sure they would be a hit as they were a big deal here!  I am a Grandmother and these made me laugh so hard when I tried them!! Then~we even have something for the bathroom! Toothpaste Pete and Toothpaste Oscar! They are both just too cute and are also easy to use~just replace the caps of your toothpaste with these covers!  When they are not in use the hand stays over their mouths! Too Cute!! You can buy these here~ Sp

Country Bob's Sauce Review & Giveaway! CLOSED

I am please to announce that I am holding my Very First Giveaway!! And~what better way to start then with something that I absolutely love~ Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce ! My Review ~ I first tired this sauce when a friend of mine in Indiana and she was telling me all about this Country Bob Sauce and that it was so good on everything and that she would not make her Sloppy Joes without the sauce! I had never heard of it so she sent me a bottle and I was hooked from there! As not only is it good in Sloppy Joes but I put it on all my meats! It has such a good bold taste~and gives it just that little "Kick" that you need in any dish! I made the Country Bob's Baked Beans last week and let me tell you~I am never making them any other way! They were so good and everyone loved them! You can find the recipe at Country Bob's and there are many other recipes there~I am sure you will find one that you love! Product Description ~ In 1968 Country Bob perfect

Great Things Are Coming!

I have some great news for all of you~I have been contacted by a few great companies to do not only a review but also giveaways!! I am writing my reviews now and will have my very first giveaway up later today!! I am so excited to have this opportunity and hope that you will come back to enter! As~I am just starting out but hope to be contacted by more sponsors~so stay tuned!! Tell your friends too~and don't forget to follow me so you can keep up to date on the happenings here!!

California Caramel Company Giveaway!!

If you are not familiar with the California Carmel Company~Let me tell you~You are missing out!! As they make many different kinds of treats and will even do custom orders for you party or wedding! I was just there looking and now I see that they have had such a great response with their giveaways on other blogs that they have decided to hold drawings on their blog too! Every month they will be holding a giveaway for a different treat~and I know I will be entering. I have yet to win one of these yet~but it is not for lack of trying.. The prize they are offering this time is the~Caramel Apple Gift Box {which comes with 2 of their incredible Jumbo Caramel Apples}!! Enter Here until Feb 17th.