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Funny Socks by Aniwon!

Are you looking for some cute and funny socks for your little one?!? You need to check out these socks that I got from Aiwon!  Each one is a different design and a face on them. They are made with 100% cotton so you know that they are gong to last and not shrink. They are knee high socks so not only will they look great but they will keep them warm. Would be great to put in the Easter Baskets as it is sure to bring a smile to their faces!  You can see them on Amazon here  #Ad #realhonestopinions 

Vanity Mirror Lights Kit By Asoko!

I have mirrors in the bathroom but sometimes it is hard to see to do my makeup. That is until I got some vanity lights that are portable! You just open them up and attach them where they are needed. As there are suction cups and 3M stickers. So the choice is yours how to attach them. They are 10 lights{5 on each side} and you can adjust the brightness with the dimmer switch. I love these and think that you will agree! See Them Here! #Ad #realhonestopinions