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Tape Measure Measuring Tapes by Airisoer! #Ad #realhonestopinion

~Tape Measure Measuring Tapes by Airisoer!~ It seems that when I am looking to measure something~I can't ever find a tape measure! So I was real excited to see that this set came with 3 of them. Now I can carry one in my purse so I have it~when I need it. As I like to shop at garage sales and second hand stores and many times the tags are missing.  The numbers are so easy to see and it is made with soft fiber material so it is lightweight but strong to last.  The black round one has a retractable button so it is really easy to use. And when you want to keep the measurement it can stop right on it. I am very happy with this set and I think that you would be too! You can check it out right here on Amazon.  

24 Colored Glitter Pen with 24 Refills by Reaeon! #Ad #realhonestopinion

It seems that many of my grandchildren have the talent to draw. So I am always presented with a beautiful work of art from one of them. And that makes me on the lookout for good pencils and pens for them to work with. This time we got the 24 Colored Glitter Pen with 24 Refills by Reaeon and let me tell you these kids loved every color! Each one is so vibrant and shows up good on the paper. Very easy to write with and I like that they even come in a clear pouch to keep them in when not in use. These would be great to take with in the car and they are small enough to store in the seat pouch in the back for the kiddies.  As you can see by the pictures the outlines were done with the glitter pens and then colored. And when the ink wears out we have a another set to swap it out with! So you know that these will last for many hours of drawings and coloring. You can see the Glitter Pens right here on Amazon.