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What's Your Weather Like???

This is a picture of what it looks like outside my door right now! 
If you are in the Midwest I am sure that you are getting the same weather. We are being advised not to drive.
The Minnesota Department of Transportation is recommending against unnecessary travel in the southern half of the state due to heavy snow and high winds.
MnDOT  says regional officials are reporting particularly bad driving conditions in both the Mankato area and in southeastern Minnesota.They say it's a good day to stay inside and watch sports on television.
If people must travel, he says, they should be careful to give snow plows plenty of room.
The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for the southwest corner of the state and a winter storm warning for the remainder of the southern half of Minnesota.

Again~I ask myself why do I live in Minnesota?!? 


  1. I grew up in Chicago so I know how you feel.
    New follower

  2. MN is one of the greatest states for change of seasons! This is nothing compared to 1969!

  3. o.o that's horrible. I prefer sunshine. lol

  4. Here where I live, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in Victoria BC Canada, its sunny with a chill in the air, but people are out jogging, walking, flying kites etc. Some flowers have started blooming; its gorgeous!

    I'm jealous, I'd love to have some snow; we really have to be lucky to get snow here.

  5. You live here because you are my best friend, and I don't know what I would do without you! We can talk on the phone tomorrow because I don't have to go to work! Love you!

  6. Hubby grew up in the Twin Cities area and we lived there for 2 years after we just got married. I remember driving to go to New Orleans and drove through a blizzard like that.
    We moved after 2 years there and have to say I am glad. Never enjoyed the extreme weather there. I know some relatives love it there but not me.
    Live in So Ca now. We can drive to snow in a few minutes and I can see it from my window. Alot warmer here, too.

  7. Last night when I went to sleep my yard was free of snow. It melted on Friday. Last night it snowed and when I awoke we had 2 inches. I saw Minnesota on TV today. I feel for you. We got a tiny storm, you guys had a big one.


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