Renuzit Pearl Scents Review and Giveaway! 5/29

                                       ~Renuzit Pearl Scents~

Renuzit Pearl Scents are Awesome! As soon as this package arrived I could smell the goodness of this. We received the Blue Sky Breeze and could not be happier! It is as if the outside was brought indoors.

Fill your home with fragrance that will last up to 30 days and the jar is so Pretty that you will want them setting out where everyone can see them. Now that I have tired this aroma I can't wait to try the others! It smells so good,and I have been using it for over a week now. My daughter was here earlier and even asked me what smelled so good. She was shocked when I showed her all the fragrance was coming from one little jar! 

Renuzit Pearls Scents are available in these aromas:
  • Blue Sky Breeze
  • Serenity 
  • Sparkling Rain
  • Tranquil
  • Seductive Pineapple

About Renuzit Pearl Scents~
It is a pretty odor neutralizer that fills your home with refreshing fragrances that last up to 30 days. And with this charming little jar, there’s no need for electric plugs or flames. Simply, set it down and it continuously leaves your room with a light and fresh scent.

~My Giveaway!~

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{I was sent the Renuzit Pearl Scents to review. No monies were offered or accepted.All above opinions are my own.}


  1. I didn't see the quiz from your link. I like the Tranquil products.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  2. I am an email subscriber.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  3. Amy Orvin

  4. My personality is Sparkling Rain. Nancy Loring

  5. My personality is Sparkling Rain. Nancy Loring

  6. My results came up tranquil scent.

  7. I did the quiz again and again it came up tranquil.

  8. I am tranquil still I love it

  9. My results say I would enjoy Sparkling Rain.

  10. Jennifer Tilson

  11. You are seductive pineapple


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