Saturday, May 2, 2015

EpicBelle Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks Review! #epicbellecrochethooks

~EpicBelle Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks~

I have been crocheting for years,and I was used to the older style hooks. When I saw these EpicBelle Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks I was so impressed! I for one,have not seen these before. I have rheumatoid arthritis so using this set makes it easier for me to crochet. As this set is Ergonomically correct,and really does help with the pain. Not to mention,the colors are so bold and bright!

They arrive in a nice little plastic case,that has a slot for each one. You can store these in here,so you will know where the whole set is at all times. Just think of all the great things you can make with these,from afghans to zoo animals and do it with ease!

About EpicBelle Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks~

Creating crochet projects that are truly of professional quality takes more than just skill and practice. You also need the right tools to get great results. The 9Pcs Crochet Hooks Set gives you all of the basic crochet hooks needed to create an endless array of projects and is specially designed to make crocheting easier, quicker and more fun - the perfect crochet starter kit for beginners.

Color coded handles make it easy for you to quickly locate and grab the right tool for any job, so you won't waste time searching for the right hook for any task. The aluminum crochet hooks are specially designed to cut down on finger strain and pain with their comfort grip non-sticking, non-slip handles. The ergonomic cushion grip allows you to easily keep hold of the crochet hooks without having to apply a lot of pressure, and the handles resist sticking for easy handling.

Great to take with you with you everywhere,are they are light enough to not even notice. You can crochet wherever you are! This set would make a great gift too! I love it and think that you will too.

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