Saturday, March 14, 2015

Davinci Vaporizer Giveaway! 3~21

We have partnered with Deals for Reviews and Davinci to bring you this awesome prize! Enter to win a Davinci Ascent Vaporizer Bundle worth $249!! While the DaVinci was built with rugged portability in mind, the Ascent transcends vaporizers into a new realm. 

Are you looking for a vaporizer that you can use anytime and anywhere? With this Davinci Bundle you can do just that. It has a digital display and a built in storage. It's very easy to use too~just load finely ground aromatic blends or essential oil can into the chamber.Turn on the main power and press the temperature power button to start the heater. Once it heats up you are ready to go!

Ascent sets the standard in portable vaporizers by offering the purest air path, stylish lifestyle based designs and encompassing all of the benefits of portability that the DaVinci brand is known for. 

Meticulous detail was taken in every step from selecting the glass-lined ceramic bowl, which radiates heat evenly, to the dual-mouth piece, allowing the personal vaporizer to be shared, all the way to the different skins reflective to the user’s lifestyle. 

Eradicating the competition, the Ascent eliminates the need for an immediate power source with our 3+ hour battery life and convenient car charging option. The Ascent is also the first portable vaporizer to boast an all glass air path, lending to pure vaporization with the utmost efficiency, inspired by the advanced technological componentry.

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