Creative Kitchenware Egg Separator Review!

By Sharinna

How many times has a recipe called for just a egg yolk or white? Then you try to separate the egg you either make a big mess and get one into the other. This neat little kitchen gadget will solve that problem~clean and fast!

The Creative Kitchenware Egg Separator is so easy to use~just squeeze the raw egg up into the holder with the yolk. It takes a few times to get this right~all I am going to tell you is that we had scrambled eggs. 
Once I got the Egg Separator in my hand correctly I was able to get the eggs separated easy and fast. 

Cleaning up is easy~as it comes in 2 pieces and is even dishwasher safe! Cute little kitchen gadget~I love the Pink color.

{I was sent the Creative Kitchenware Egg Separator to Review. No monies were offered or accepted. All above opinions are my own.}


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