Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Special-Dicecapades Review!



                                             The Board Game with Over 100 Dice!

Can you stack six dice on top of each other within 30 seconds? Who can be the first person to roll a triple? Can you name as many state capitals as your roll? Know what arachibutyrophobia is? Arachibutyrophobia??? Dicecapades 
isn't just the luck of the dice~it's the smarts of the roller!
Complete with 133 dice and 100 cards, exercise both sides of your brain with this super-fun game for friends and family!
With a mixture of dice games, physical challenges, artistic creations, and trivia questions that are sure to test your noodle, you'll see why DICEcapades = CRAZY FUN!
For 2 - 6 players.

For ages 12 and up.

We had the chance to play this game,and it was so much fun! We all played and laughed and laughed. This game has everything to make it a family favorite. There are over 100 dice that are included and great trivia for all ages! It took us about 2 hours to finish the first time,and we can't wait to play again! Dicecapades is a fun game for the whole family. Would also make a great gift or stocking stuffer!

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