Wednesday, January 15, 2014

OnePiece Review #onepiecefashion #onepiecenorway

Having been raised in the Midwest,we are used to cold but lately~in the state of Minnesota we have been in a deep freeze. We have had the coldest weather in over a decade,I am talking 50 below here people. And,I don't care who you~that is cold. But with the help of OnePiece heat is on the way! Do you remember those pajamas we wore as kids and our parents zipped us in and we were so nice and warm?!? Well,guess what,I found something like that only better. Check out My OnePiece Pictures~

That is my son David rockin' the Angry Birds OnePiece! I never thought at 32 years old he would be wearing a OnePiece again. But he actually~he loved it said that he couldn't believe how comfortable it was and the pockets were a added bonus. I mean come on,you can't go out without having pockets to carry all your stuff with you. What is so cool about it,is that it zips all the way up over your head and face! You can wear this OnePiece inside,outside and you will be as comfortable as if you were running around in your pajamas!

I love that it is made from soft cotton so you know that it will wash up well to last for years to come.  Not to mention The Angry Birds on the back,the colors are so bright and really show up. This will be great to wear watching TV on those cold winter nights,or I we also thought that this would be great to wear in the ice house! It is that warm to wear and is not over bulky so you are still free to move. I am thinking that this is going to be worn quite a bit from here on out,as he sure seemed to be liking his first modeling job.

Angry Birds not your thing? No problem,OnePiece has many to choose from you can find them on their site right here. They even have styles for the little ones and pets in your life. Shipping is fast too~I think that mine took 3 days and that is coming from

 You can keep up with OnePiece online here~

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{I was sent the OnePiece to review. No monies were offered or accepted. All aboveopinions are my own.}

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