Monday, October 14, 2013

Pepperidge Farm New Goldfish Puffs and Goldfish Mac and Cheese Review!

It's not a secret~we love to eat anything with cheese in it. We have been eating goldfish crackers for years. I still like to sneak a few when I pour a bowl for the grandchildren. So~when we found out about some new products from Pepperidge Farm we couldn't wait to try them!

First we tried the Goldfish Puffs~these are not your typical goldfish cracker,they are larger with more of a airy taste to them. I really liked the mixture of the cheeses in them all,but the Mega Cheese was my favorite. Had such a good cheese taste,that I wanted to eat more and more!  My oldest granddaughter loved the Buffalo Wing~said they had a kick to them but it was a good taste,not too over bearing hot. All of them are only 140 calories per serving and gluten-free!

Made with Goldfish-shaped pastas~Goldfish Mac & Cheese comes in four varieties~
Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, Cheesy Pizza, and Butter Parmesan. 
Who could not love mac & cheese that smiles at you? The little fish are too cute~even when they are boling in water.
My grandchildren could not wait to try these as soon as they saw the goldfish on them. I like that they are so easy to make and the cheese taste is so good in these. Even the grandchildren liked them and they only want the only kind in the blue box{which shall not be named} so I was very pleasantly surprised.
 Each box is made with real cheese sauce and contains no artificial preservatives. Goldfish Mac & Cheese will be available exclusively in Walmart stores nationwide.

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{I was sent the Pepperidge Farm Products to review.No monies were offered or accepted. All above opinions are my own.}

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