Thursday, August 15, 2013

Motor Oil Matters Oil Change!

I admit,I am one that knows absolutely nothing about keeping my car up with the maintenance. I know how to turn the key and drive off,oh the radio works too! But I was due for a oil change and Bob said it's your car~you do it this time. I was a little hesitant but~I drove up to get it done.

 This time I had my MOM List with me so I knew what questions to ask.

I made sure that I was getting the right viscosity for my car,I even knew that it was printed right under my oil cap! 

 I also made sure that I received my receipt to check that everything that was done to my car was on the list. I now have a sticker in my window so I know when the next time I am due for a oil change. I feel like a old pro now~so I will be the one to take care of the oil changes from now on. Thanks to Motor Oil Matters I am in charge! 


You can be too~be sure to check out their website and follow with Twitter @MotorOilMatters 

and Facebook.

{I was sent a gift card in exchange for my review. All above opinions are my own. No monies were offered or accepted.}

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