Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Combat Ant Bait Review and Giveaway 5/9

~Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips~

Now that the weather is getting nicer~I will have all the windows and doors opened. But with the warm weather comes all kinds of bugs and our worse problem was with ants last year. As it seemed no matter what we did,we could not get rid of them.But~this year I am ready for the buggers as we were sent some Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips.

About the Strips~

The same killing power found in Combat Gels is now available in a new discreet design. Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips help get rid of ants. They are formulated to attract ants quickly – acting as a necessary food and water supply for ants. Its fast-acting insecticide, Fipronil, one of the most powerful ant killers, starts to exterminate ants in hours. Worker ants return to the colony and feed the bait to the larvae and to the queen, eliminating the entire ant colony.

We don't have the ants yet,as we were getting snow last week. But it is suppoes to be in the 70's this weekend. So~I placed the Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips in the places that they entered the house last year and also some hidden spots. As there is a adhesive backing that makes it easy to put all the hard to reach places. Completely out of sight and reach of children and pets. The bait strips are easy to apply and leave no mess when done. Combat Killing Bait Strips' formula contains food and water that roaches and ants seek, combined with Fipronil, a fast killing insecticide designed to kill the nest or colony

Combat Killing Bait strips can be found at many major retailers including Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Family Dollar, Dollar General and Publix. Please call ahead to check product availability.

~My Giveaway!~

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{I was sent the Combat Ant Bait Strips to review.No monies were offered or accepted. All above opinions are my own.}


  1. We would use it in the kitchen and bathroom -- we've been overran by ants this year.

  2. in the kitchen during the summer we will get ants

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  3. Vicki W
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  4. I would use them in my kitchen for the ants I am starting to find.

  5. June Lisle
    junerlisle at gmail dot com

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