Monday, April 1, 2013

Chicken Soup For The Soul-Billy Graham and Me Giveaway 4/22

~Billy Graham and Me~

For the first time in its 20-year history, Chicken Soup for the Soul is releasing a one-of-a-kind tribute book composed of stories and recollections honoring a single individual.  All 101 contributors to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me recognize Mr. Graham's unique ability to inspire leaders from diverse disciplines and faiths, all sharing their respect and appreciation for the evangelist's extraordinary influence over the last six decades.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham & Me contains 101 fascinating stories from all the living U.S. presidents, well-known pastors, country singers and other celebrities, and world leaders, relating their personal experiences with Billy Graham.

Here are a couple excerpts~

CNN's HLN News Anchor Kyra Phillips

I looked at this legendary man of unwavering faith and said, "Reverend Graham, I'm a little overwhelmed right now. It took so much to get here. I didn't think you would grant me this interview. I was told it wasn't going to happen. Then, I was told it was on. I'm not quite sure which way is up and which way is down at the moment. Could we just pray?" He looked at me like a caring father. This man, who over six decades counseled presidents and gave millions of Americans hope for a better life through faith, smiled at me and simply said, "Well, of course." Then he held my hand and we bowed our heads. We prayed for a few minutes, then opened our eyes. I sat back. I felt so at peace, so calm, and so relaxed. I never once looked down at my notes. We had an amazing conversation, one of the most memorable and beautiful moments I have had in my career.

Former President Bill Clinton, recalling Graham's 1959 crusade in Little Rock, Ark.

The crusade happened as Billy wanted it, with tens of thousands of people, black and white, pouring into the stadium where the Arkansas Razorbacks played. When Billy finished preaching and issued the call, inviting us to rededicate our lives to Christ, thousands, black and white together, some smiling, some crying, went down to the field to answer the call. It was a moment in Arkansas history after which nothing would be quite the same for those who were there and those who knew the stand Billy had taken. And Billy didn't have to preach one word about integrating the schools. All he had to speak was God's Word to all God's children. It may seem easy now, but back then, fifty years ago, it was an act of moral courage and deep faith.

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