Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Berenstain Bears Collection Set,MVP and MVP2 DVD's Review!

We have been getting some weird weather this year here in the Midwest,if it's not raining its snowing.So~the grandchildren have been getting bored and restless when there were here as they are stuck in the house with Grandma. But~this pass weekend,I had surprises for them! We were sent some DVD's from Phase4 Films and knew that they haven't seen these yet.

~Berenstain Bears Collection Set~

In the rolling hills of Bear Country, this animated comedy stars a fun loving family of honey Bears whose love, loyalty and humor allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down to their sunny dirt road. The funny, familiar experiences of this bear family instill timeless life lessons and reflect the traditional community values of country life.

 ~MVP Most Valuable Primate~

When Jack, a sign language-speaking chimp, is sold to a research lab, he makes a break for freedom - and ends up stranded in the frozen northlands. Befriended by two teens, Jack's talent for ice skating soon turns him into the local hockey team's secret weapon. Now, playoffs are in full swing. The lab officials are closing in. And Jack has one chance to prove that when it comes to skating away with the affections of an entire town, he doesn't monkey around! 

~MVP Most Vertical Primate~
From the makers of Air Bud, the Most Valuable Primate is going vertical! Jack is back, and this time he's traded in his hockey skates... for a skateboard! When the beloved chimp is framed for something he didn't do, he ends up lost and alone in a strange city. Befriended by Ben, a shy skateboard kid, Jack reveals a hidden talent for totally awesome skateboard tricks! 

My Review~
 The grandchildren loved them all. But I think that my grandson's favorite has to be the MVP DVD's as he wanted to know if we could watch Jack again right after they were finished. There is lots of adventure in these and the kids sat and watched them both with no problems. I let my grandson take them home with him so he can watch them to his hearts content. As I am sure that next he will be wanting to see more of Jack!

The Berenstain Bears was fun to watch too~I told them their parents used to watch them all them time when they were young. The little ones really enjoyed these as I heard laughter many times. I like that there is a message in every story that is told. Life lessons are great,and even better when the kiddies don't even know.As they enjoy the DVD's and we love that they are learning at the same time!

These DVD's can be purchased at Walmart.

{I was sent the Phase4 Film DVD's to review. No monies were offered or accepted. All above opinions are my own.}

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