Monday, February 18, 2013

Premama Giveaway! 2/26

I remember years ago~when I was pregnant,being sick all the time.I had to take those horse pills and they were so hard to swallow. I sure wish that they would have had Premama when I pregnant. Would have made life much easier that is for sure!

Prenatal Premama Vitamin Drink Mix has ingredients to help with nausea and digestive relief–two common side effects of Prenatal Vitamins.

 Premama is so easy to take! Simply add it to your favorite beverage – milk, juice, iced tea – or even sprinkle it in your morning cereal. It’s completely flavorless, so you’ll be getting all the benefits of a prenatal vitamin.Now that sure sounds easy to me.
The drink mix provides key nutrients {including folic acid, iron, and DHA} for both mom and child and packs in ginger and Vitamin B6, all without needing to swallow a pill!  

You should take Premama Prenatal Vitamin Mix if you are trying to conceive, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. 

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