Friday, July 6, 2012

Practice Safe Breath Everywhere With Dentyne's New Split2Fit Pack

Don’t Be a Breath Offender~Practice Safe Breath Everywhere With Dentyne’s New Split2Fit Pack!


You can smell the spaghetti sauce when you walk in the door. Everything looks so great. The lights are low and the table is set with the favorite china. Even the candles are lit! You lean in to give him a big kiss to thank him and realize that he has been sampling the sauce~Garlic Breath!!!

We’ve all experienced bad breath, but with summer upon us and love in the air it’s time to be on the safe side. The Dentyne Safe Breath Survey {commissioned by Wakefield Research} takes a look at some of the best and worst “breath offenders” so you’re prepared for every intimate moment.  And now with Dentyne’s new Split2Fit pack designed to fit almost anywhere, practicing safe breath while in those precarious situations will be easier than ever.
Check your breath~it’s the safe thing to do.  The Safe Breath Survey examines the risks that 18 to 34-year-olds are taking with their breath, how preparedness factors into a successful social encounter and the rules of attraction when it comes to dating and breath.  
53% of Americans ages 18 to 34 have had an “intimate moment” cut short because they were unprepared.
While granny panties or white briefs can be a mood-killer, 76% say bad breath would be a more embarrassing end to an “intimate moment” than unflattering underwear.
The truth hurts, and most aren’t ready to tell it to you straight – especially when it comes to breath blunders. 85% of people think it would be harder to tell someone they have bad breath than tell them their zipper’s down.
Skinny jeans definitely have their drawbacks. 78% have sacrificed essentials during a night out to avoid carrying them, and nearly 1 in 4 {23%} have left gum at home because they didn’t want to carry it – a rookie mistake. 
Fear not~ Dentyne has the fix. With the introduction of the New Dentyne Split2Fit Pack you no longer have to make this sacrifice.  
The Dentyne Split2Fit pack is an innovative, versatile and sleek package that holds 33 percent more gum than before {16 vs. 12 pieces} and can be split into two smaller, sleeker and easier-to-carry packs.  Now you can carry all sixteen {16)} pieces at once, or, if space is limited, you can split the pack into two smaller halves that are easier to slip in to close-fitting places like a shirt pocket, a clutch or those skinny jeans!  In addition, Dentyne has launched a new flavor, Dentyne Ice Mint Frost, bringing a fresh new taste to the Dentyne lineup of intense breath freshening gums!

{I was sent samples of the New Dentyne Ice Mint Frost Gum to review. No monies were offered or accepted.}

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