Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chuck-The Complete 4th Season on DVD/Blu-Ray!

  ~The Replacements~

In episode 18, Sarah worries that the CIA is replacing them with Casey's extremely efficient team, but Chuck considers himself irreplaceable with the Intersect.

I remember years ago,when I was working as a bartender and my boss got really sick.As he was in and out of the hospital, I was worried that I would lose my job if something should happen to him. I was told that no matter what happened I would keep my job. Well,he did end of passing and I did keep my job for about 1 year after. Then the bar was sold and that was the end of my job. But it was all good as I ended up working for his son and that was one of the best jobs I had!

Have you ever felt like you were in jeopardy of being replaced? Has there ever been a time where you have been made to feel outdated. If so, how did you remedy the situation? Did it end well? 

In season four, the geek gone spy is putting everything on the line, available for pre-order here:

{I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray}

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