Friday, October 7, 2011

The Big Bang Theory Now on 5 Nights a Week!

 This has been one of my favorite shows since it started.It is such good humor~If I am having a bad day I can watch this show and the bad is forgotten. Now The Big Bang Theory  is on 5 Nights a Week~Check your local listings

In episode 13 from season 1 of The Big Bang Theory~“The Bat Jar Conjecture” Sheldon's only focus is to prove his mental superiority while preparing for the Physics Bowl, the guys kick him off the team. So he forms his own team with the janitor and the cafeteria lady and her son.He goes up against his friends who have his nemesis Leslie Winkle on their side.

I have had to shoot darts and pool against my friends many times when I was younger.As we were on leagues and tournaments where we had to compete for the win.At the beginning~we shook hands and wished each luck as we really meant for the best player to win. Most of the times things went very well,as even though we all want to win we can't..So~if I won or my friends won it was all good.The trophy was nice to bring home though I have to admit.

But not too sure if we can beat that Batman Cookie Jar though.As I don't think that we have ever won anything like that..LOL

 Don't forget you can watch The Big Bang Theory 5 Nights a Week~Check your local listings

{“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory in Syndication."}

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