Sunday, September 18, 2011

#MomPact Blog Hop Review and Giveaway Strap Tamers 9/17*Ended*

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Before being sent the Strap Tamers I had never heard of this great product. Now~I am wondering what I did without it..Let me tell you a little about Strap Tamers~
Founded by Mom Noël L. Goldman~she is on a mission to “Clean Up The World” one bra strap at a time!

Living in Florida, no matter where she went, theme parks, the mall or even church, exposed bra straps were everywhere. Just when did it become acceptable to fail to keep your undergarments "under"?

  Having always bugged her, her daughter rushed to leave for school one morning, she was floored to see (yes, right in her very home, right on her lovely daughter) wayward bra straps! That was it. Someone had to help women fight this epidemic and reclaim our national sense of decorum. In order for her daughter (or just about anyone else to use it), the solution would have to be easy, comfortable and convenient.
One bright, sunny morning, it came to her… a pin with a clip.

After exhaustive research and development (between carpool and homework) and the steadfast support of her husband, Strap Tamers were perfected and ready for market. (Her 2 sons remain hopeful that someday, dinner conversation will return to subjects like Little League and Cub Scouts.) Not surprisingly, response to Strap Tamers® has been overwhelming. Strap Tamers® are quickly becoming a “basic” of modern feminine attire.

The Strap Tamers Are so easy to use~The pin attaches the clip to your shirt and the clip allows you to slip your strap in and out of confinement easily. Best of all, you can leave Strap Tamers in your clothing wash after wash! The clips stay in place, ever ready to tame your straps, and they’re inexpensive enough to put in all of your favorite sleeveless clothes.
Besides~I'm with  Noël I don't want to see bra straps either!

 **My Giveaway**
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~Have Fun and Good Luck!~
 {I was sent the Strap Tamers to review. No All opinions are my own.No monies were offered or exchanged}


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  5. Great idea - Blog Hop and Bra Strap Thingy! All you need is a good idea.

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