Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Big Bang Theory: Season 4 -Need Girl Time??

If you have been watching The Big Bang Theory~then you know until season 4, The Big Bang Theory primarily focused on the core friendship of the guys with Penny as the only girl.

In Season 4, Penny gets some girlfriends with the introduction of Bernadette and Amy. Which I think is a great addition to the show! As we all know that girls like to share secrets and such with each other such as "girl talk". Not that I don't have some great guy friends as I do. But there is nothing like sitting down and having a great gab fest with your girlfriends!

Do you think that guys and girls can have standalone deep friendship or do girls need girl time and guys need time with the boys? I'd love to hear your comment on it!
“Four seasons in, it is still laugh-out-loud funny. Every episode, every week,” USA Today’s Robert Bianco says about the hit series The Big Bang Theory. Here’s your chance to subject his conclusion to empirical analysis by watching all 24 Season 4 Episodes! This season the Big Bang gang’s romantic universe expands. On the rebound from Penny, Leonard falls into the arms of Raj’s sister Priya. Sheldon gets a girlfriend, or rather a friend who is a girl: Amy, a dour neurobiologist who declares herself besties with Penny. Howard and Bernadette heat up. And so do Raj and Bernadette (at least in Raj’s Bollywood daydream). All in the furtherance of award-winning genius comedy. 
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