I Sleep In My Own Bed Review and Giveaway 8/26

Any parent of a toddler has been through the troubles of their child being too scared to sleep in their own bed “just because”—because of a monster, because of a noise, or because of a bad dream.
This is a book that everyone needs to read~from baby sitters to grandparents!  As it explains why they should sleep in their own bed but also has great illustrations that everyone will enjoy. I remember when my children were young~they wanted to sleep in my bed but they were so hard to sleep with I tried everything. Sure wished I had this book then.But I can now share it with my grandchildren~as they are at the age where they think that a monster is under their bed! Now thanks to~
I can tell them that there is no such thing. I laughed as in the book it says for the children to just shut the door to keep them out. Look at the sample pictures above~as instead of telling the children that they have to sleep in their own bed~they give them the reasons that they want to sleep in their own beds! How cool is that?!?As we all know that it is easier to reason with children then to order them to do something! This book is going to make bedtime a lot easier for the little ones and adults alike.

  About The Author~

Glenn Wright is a Syracuse native, growing up all his life in  Central New York. Glenn is married and blessed with a beautiful family and has always had a love for literature and art. It wasn’t until recently that he decided to pick up a pencil again, this time accompanied by a little story he dreamt up one night. The story tells of the sleeping habits of a little boy, based on experiences Glenn has had with his own son. It is his wish that anyone reading this book enjoys it as much as he did creating it. Glenn would like to thank his son Bradley for the inspiration to write the book, as well as his wife Molly and daughter Elisha for giving him the motivation and desire to make his dream come true and telling him it was “good enough.”

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I Sleep In My Own Bed of their own!

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{Disclosure~I received I Sleep In My Own Bed to Review free.No monetary compensation has been offered or accepted.The opinions above are my own}


  1. Sounds like a wonderful book. Please enter me.
    Mommyisshopping at gmail dot com

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. YES! My husband calls my twin sons stealth ninjas because they sneak into bed without waking us.

  4. My youngest daughter is 4 and I don't think she will ever get out of our bed!

  5. I would love this for my grandson. He does not want to always sleep in his bed.

    lag110 at mchsi dot com

  6. we are still having a problems getting my toddler to sleep in her own bed!
    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  7. yes, yes, yes I have trouble! I really need this book!
    mommyfreetime at gmail dot com

  8. Not too much problem, but sometimes.

  9. My son starts off in his bed but by morning is either in my room or on the couch.

    monster6236 at gmail dot com

  10. I haven't had trouble with it but my sister is currently working on having my niece sleep in her big girl bed and my niece is doing great-getting ready for preschool

  11. I would LOVE this for my son !!!

    Karen Gonyea
    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  12. I am sure we will have trouble with our soon :) And this will certainly come in handy!

    larajarrette at gmail dot com

  13. Looks like a great gift for my son!

  14. Yes mostly going down for naps and to bed @ night but once down sleep pretty well unless in new circumstances

  15. sounds great for ollie Debbie Jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  16. Yes! My 10 month old refuses to sleep in her crib. :/


  17. Not with my kids, but my grandson is a different story . . . .

  18. Yes, my 3 year old often wants to join us at night!


  19. sometimes we have this issue
    damiesmom at ymail dot com

  20. i'd love this book because i am trying to have kids and was a total "sleep with mom" child so i know my children will be ther same way.

  21. Fortunately no! My little nephew always wants to climb into bed with his parents --- at least his twin sister doesn't want to follow him.

  22. Thanks for the great contest!


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