Monday, July 11, 2011

Tom and Jerry Fur Flying Adventures DVD Review!

I remember watching Tom and Jerry when I was a kid.And now I am so happy to say that I can share one of my favorite cartoons with my grandchildren. As Tom and Jerry has just released this new DVD. The little ones were over the other night and it was raining so we decided to have a movie night! We popped some popcorn and put the DVD in. They loved it~as they sat and watched the whole thing and laughed so hard..I know that this is going to be one of their favorites as they wanted to watch it again the next day already.
About the DVD~

One flustered feline + one resourceful rodent = 14 wild and wacky cartoons! Tom – the eternally crabby cat – and Jerry – the hopelessly adorable mouse – find themselves in a fracas once, twice and many times again in this latest bunch of 14 fast and funny cartoons! This time around the dizzy duo takes their tiffs to the beach (Surf-Bored Cat), to the Alps (The A-Tom-inable-Snowman) and to the orchestra (Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl). In Top with Pops Spike the dog pounces into the fray and Jerry learns a mouse’s best friend is a dog! Even vampire hunter Van Helsing gets in the middle of the cat/mouse combat in Monster Con. Your hunt stops here: this new collection of animated antics will delightfully drop you into the middle of non-stop family fun! 

You can purchase Tom and Jerry Fur Flying Adventures on WB right here

{I was sent  Tom and Jerry Fur Flying Adventures DVD to review~All opinions are my own.No monies were offered or exchanged} 


  1. My kids love Tom and Jerry! Funny how with all the "modern" cartoons out there often times they prefer to watch this!

  2. I love this little DVD. Not only is it good for the kids but great for the


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