Monday, May 23, 2011

Five Summer Getaways Every Kid Should Experience #GreatGetaways

It's Summer!!

Well~not quite but it is sure close! And with Summer~means that the kids are soon going to be out of school and looking for something to do. It used to be that everyone was thinking about going on vacation but with the economy the way that it is~I think that more people are going to be looking for things to do closer to home! So~I have thought of "Stay~Vacation" Experiences~

Here are my Five Summer Getaways Every Kid Should Experience~

1~The State Fair~ There is just so many things to do and see.It is a great way for the kids to not only see all the different animals but see and learn about our state.the Midway has something fro everyone. Not to mention the food~as I went last year with my daughter an the grandchildren and I think that we ate enough food there to last us until next year! But everything was so good and you knew that you had to sample it. 

2~The Library~Not only are there books to be read.But if you look at their papers they have many story times for the kids all summer.They can play on the computers~so no more fighting over one.They also can get some great DVD's to watch at home on those rainy days! 

3~Go to the Museum~There are so many things to see here..And I love that there are hands on experience on most of the displays. As it really gives the kids a chance to try different things.They can learn about all the different cultures and see how they really lived "way back then".

4~Visit Family and Friends~
I know I am guilty of not going to see my family that lives less then a hour away from us.But this Summer we are all going to make it a "Must" do for us.As it is silly not to see loved ones that live so close by. It only costs a tank of gas{if even} and think of the free fun you can have on the road.As there are many travel games to play~like how many different license plates they see in 10 minutes.And~when we plan ahead we might even have a BBQ!

5~Go To The Beach~
It is so much fun~as the water is always inviting and the sand is warm. Who doesn't love to build sand castles and then watch the water wash them away later?!? Pack a lunch and some beverages in a cooler and you can make a day out of it!

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  1. The state fair! I totally forgot about that one! I can't wait to take my kids this year!

  2. Nice info and good picture........


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