Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Little Switches That Made A Difference

Social Moms and Cottonelle have given me the chance to share with you some little switches that make a difference. I have done many things since my world was turned upside down about this time last year..


As this is about the time that I lost my Mom.We had so much to do as she left us suddenly~so I would not let anyone touch her stuff.And~I have come to realize that what she left is just "Stuff". I have been going thru all of her things and donated most of it.As I know that even though we can't use it here that are others that can use it! I feel real good about doing that too~as I know that she would want others to use her things.



Another thing that I have started doing is changing the way that we eat around here.We are eating more healthy and I have been buying fresh melons,oranges,apples and grapes.I like to have that out in bowls for the grandchildren instead of the candy.They have noticed a difference and don't really seem to mind as long as Grandma helps with the peelings..LOL


I also use coupons and shop the sales.As many times I find things on sale that I have a coupon for.And~on Weds. and Sat. one of my stores doubles coupons so that makes it even better of a deal. I also shop at a off brand store like Aldi's for my produce and frozen as they get some great prices and many times have things marked down! You have to check as I have noticed that each store has different things marked down.

We also have been making less trips to go anywhere.When we do get the car out of the garage we have a list so we know where we are going ahead of time. As with the price of gas~we have to save any time we can.I also will ride along with a family member or friend if they are going to do some shopping as it not only saving money but it is more fun to shop with someone :-)

We also have started to cook outside so that will cut back on our gas bills for the summer.I love grilled foods and now will start planning my menus and shopping trips to do that. As many times there are family packs of meats on sale and I can bring it home and portion to my household and freeze the rest.

So~those are my little switches! What are some of yours???

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