Friday, April 29, 2011

Heart Of Haiti-Who's Your Favorite Woman?

I was asked to write about a woman that has helped me in my life. I would like to tell you about one very special one right now~

She worked hard all her life for everything that she had.As she came from a poor family and didn't want her kids to go through what she did. She was the one that when you went to her house she had homemade cookies and never was too busy to listen to your problems. She would make a pot of chicken noodle soup if you were sick and deliver it too!

When she was diagnosed with lung cancer~she stayed optimistic and did everything that the doctors wanted her to do. I can still remember the first time holding her hand as she had chemo.We were scared together but of course neither one of us would admit that. She stayed strong though and made sure that we knew that she was going to fight this too.And she did with all that she had right to the end..

I was lucky enough to call this woman Mom.She lost her battle with cancer on April 2nd,2010. I want to thank her as she made me the strong woman that I am today!

The Heart of Haiti Project is an initiative founded by Willa Shalit (daughter of Gene Shalit) and her company,Fairwinds Trading, a for-profit company that uses business as a strategy for economic empowerment of people, especially women, in the Majority World. The Majority World is where two billion of the world’s three billion people live, in poverty.
Through a partnership with Macy’s and their Shop For A Better World’ initiative, Heart of Haiti offers artisan-crafted decorative arts and jewelry for sale. All income derived from sales of the products on the Heart of Haiti site enhances an artisan’s family’s nutrition, educates children, and brings access to healthcare and dignity.
To view the Shop for a Better World / Heart Of Haiti collection in it's entirety (including just added items for Spring), visit:  

And you can also use the Promocode~CLEVERGIRLS to receive 15% off all Heart of Haiti and Rwanda Path to Peace products for Mothers’ Day gifts purchased between 3~8 May 2011.

I was selected for this very special “CleverHaiti” opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity. All opinions are my own.

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