Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Simple Changes For 2011

I have been thinking about changes I need to make for 2011. I am one of those people that make resolutions and never keep them.This time I plan to keep 2 that I have made.I am going to start eating healthier. I have to control that urge to munch on those chips and dip.And instead reach for the carrots and celery and fresh veggies. I am going to cup up to put in my fridge with a low~calorie dip that I can make myself.As I love all veggies I so there is no reason that I can't make it all myself.
As one day it really is going to get warm here in Minnesota{it is below 0 today} and I want to be able to wear shorts this year.Not only will I look better but I will feel better about myself. As this has been one cold long winter already{we have over 50 inches of snow} and I can feel that extra weight that I have gained...My jeans are getting tight and Bob is only going to fall for that "You put them in the dryer" statement so many times..LOL {As he does the laundry most of the time} 
I also plan to start walking at nite again.Before  my Mom passed away we took her and she loved it only if it was just around the block.We now have a dog so as soon as Spring hits~him and I are going to be all over this neighborhood. There is a park a few blocks away so we can take the grandchildren too when they are here!

So~there you have my Simple Changes for 2011~Do you have any? I'd love to hear them!!

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