Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Dreams Of A Great Getaway...

 I live in the cold state of Minnesota and we have gotten over 5 feet of snow already this year! I am so tired of not only the snow but also the cold weather.It seems that I have spent so much time indoors that I can tell you everything that is on TV every night of the week~and my favorites!  I want to go where the sun is shining and the temps are above 0. There has to be some place that the weather is nicer isn't there?!? Where I don't have to put on 3 layers of clothing just to go to check the mail! 

The place that I dream of going to is Las Vegas! Not only is the weather great~my sister and daughter live there with their families. I would take Bob~ my kids and grand kids that live here and we would all stay at a hotel where of course it is kid friendly like Circus~Circus as there is one whole floor with just amusement games.And there is always something going on there for kids and adults alike.We would have so much fun just visiting with family and getting caught up.As there are many things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling.The sites are endless and the buffet's are plentiful.I remember the last time I was there~it was cheaper to go out to eat.Just thinking about all the fun makes me want to go there right now!  Of course at night I am sure that we would visit one of two casinos as it is a dream vacation after all.LOL

It has been a long time since the family has all been together and this would be a dream come true.As it was my Mom's dream to visit there one more time and she never made it.But God willing I will be able to take my family one day...

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