Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Invisible Glass Review!

We recently received the Ultimate Glass Cleaning Kit to try from the great people of Invisible Glass. I have tried many glass cleaners over the years but this is the first time that I have tried Invisible Glass.

The Kit includes~

22 oz. spray bottle of Invisible Glass premium glass cleaner
19 oz. aerosol bottle of Invisible Glass premium glass cleaner
1 container of Invisible Glass Premium Wipes
20 Lens Wipes
Microfiber Towel
Reach & Clean Tool
1 Headlight Restoration Kit
2 Glass Cleaning Wipes with Rain Repellent

As you can see there was everything that we needed to clean so I got to work! First I cleaned the TV and the glass tables in the living room and they look brand new. No streaks or smudges and it even removed the smoke build up! That is a big thing in my book~as even though I am trying to quit smoking~I HATE the smell and the film that it puts on everything.I only had to wipe once too.

Next I gave Bob the Invisible Glass cleaner to take downstairs to clean the car windows.He couldn't believe how easy it was to get all the grime off with just one product.He also cleaned with one of the cleaning wipes with rain repellent to the windshield and I can't believe how the rain just bounces off~not to mention that I don't think that my windows have ever been this clean..LOL

All and all I love everything that they sent me and think that you would too! The Ultimate Glass Cleaning Kit
is over a $45.00 Value but you can order it online for only $29.95! 

Invisible Glass is also sold at mnay retail locations too! You can see the list here 

{Disclosure~I received the Invisible Glass Products  to Review free.No monetary compensation has been offered or accepted.The opinions above are my own}

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  1. what about cleaning windows in your house? Did it work then? Thats what I really stuggle with and no streaks on the mirrors in the house. If this works on those two, I'm sold.


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