Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frito-Lay Fan!

I recently signed up to be a Frito-Lay Fan as I don't know about you but I love to Snack! And over the holidays I snacked a little more then I should have..But~It's all good as I was eating my new favorite chips from Frito-Lay~

"Lay's Lightly Salted Potato Chips"
I received a Fan Pack from Frito-Lay and these were the first bag of chips that I saw. When I opened the bag I couldn't believe that these were Low Sodium! As the taste is Awesome~they are very light and have just the right amount of salt. I also have shared these with others and didn't tell them what they were until they tried them. And they were just as surprised as me to learn that that not only do these taste good but they are good for you!

We all know that Frito-Lay makes many other great products. But I'll bet that you didn't know all these Fun Facts~

  •  Frito-Lay starts with fresh, farm-grown ingredients, making many of our chips with just three simple ingredients: potatoes or corn, all-natural oils and salt.
  • They were the first major food company to remove partially hydrogenated oils from thei cooking oil way back in 2003. That means their chips have 0 grams trans fat because they use all-natural oils such as corn oil and sunflower oil.
  • Many varieties of thei chips provide whole grains like Tostitos snacks, which contain 8 grams of whole grain corn per serving, and SunChips, which brings 18 grams of whole grain per serving to your diet! SunChips are also a good source of fiber.
  • Frito-Lay supports American farmers and buys the potatoes used to make their potato chips from 80+ farms across 27 states.
You can sign up to be a Frito-Lay Fan too~Check it out here.

{I was sent the Frito-Lay Fan Pack to review~in exchange for my honest opinion!}

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