Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My 5 Top Tips for Getting Beautiful Digital Pictures!!

Now that the holidays are around the corner~I know that I will be taking many pictures and I am sure that many others will be too. I love to take pictures and was super excited when the digital camera came out.As not only could I see my pictures on line but I could also do many things with them!

 Here are my 5 Top Tips for Getting beautiful Digital Pictures~

1~ I download all my pictures as soon as I take them and make sure that all the dates are on there so I know when they were taken and what occasion that it was. As with having 10 grandchildren there is many times I forget the dates.

2~There are many places online that you can fix your digital photos and Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 is one of the best! You can do so many different things with your pictures~you can edit them,repair them,add photo effects and more The possibilities are endless! You will have to check them out to see for yourself!

3~Go down to their level~ if you are taking pictures of children make sure that you see eye to eye with them when you are taking the pictures. As that way you will be looking into the eye of the child instead of down on their heads.

4~Make sure that the lighting is right.As so many times I have taken pictures by the Christmas tree just as the lights were blinking and in the background was a big blur and it looked horrible! So now I try to take the picture when the lights are on steady.

5~Make disc copies of all your pictures.As so many times I have heard of people losing their whole computer to a nasty virus! and~you know what that means~they lost ALL their pictures.And there are just too many memories that can never be made up again.

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