Thursday, November 18, 2010

14 Ways to Have A Fresh and Festive Holiday!

 Did you know that Christmas is 36 days away?!? 

Yes~It's true and I wanted to share some things that we do to make our holidays fresh and festive!

1~I put decorations all over the house~Not only in one room. I decorate the doorways and also the kitchen! I love to hang garland all over!

2~I love to bake~It makes the house smell so good and who doesn't love all those homemade goodies?!?

3~I have tart burners all over my house and I fill them with all the holiday scents now like Christmas Cookie~Chocolate Covered Cherries and my favorite Pumpkin Pie!

4~I start playing Christmas music the 1st of Nov. as I want to get the whole house in the mood. My grandchildren like it too!

5~I buy all kinds of Christmas DVD's and we make a night to watch them with a big bowl of popcorn!

6~Make you list out and make sure that you have it with you at all times as you never know when you will see something on sale!

7~Start thinking about your dinner menu now.As there are some great sales at the grocery store right now and most are staples so they will keep!

8~Make some extra dishes and put them in the freezer.So the nights that you are tired from shopping~you can pull a dish out heat it up~Dinner!

9~Get the family involved in the preparations.I have my grandchildren come over and help me wrap and make cookies and they love it!

10~Make some gifts from your kitchen~they are many easy things that you can make like a mix in a jar.Moms really love these as they are easy to make and kids love them to!

11~Wrap all your presents as you buy them.then write them on a list so you can remember what you have wrapped and for who.That way no peeking this year!

12~Start making out your Christmas cards~as you could write the address's on the envelopes .That way when it comes time so send them out you are ready!

13~I love fresh tree's but I don't like the sharp we have a artificial one.It still looks good but the smell is not there so I buy some pine scented plug ins and have them all over!

14~Last but not least~Relax and enjoy the holidays! As no one will notice that you didn't make that one dish you made last year anyways. There will be so much food anyways!

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