Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Tips For Making Your Life Easier!

TwitterMoms and Oral B have encouraged blogger's to share tips on making life easier.

I was thinking about what I would write and decided to write for the holidays! As~it seems after Halloween everywhere we look is Christmas!!

1~Decide how much you can afford and then stay within that budget. It will be easier if you make a price list for all gifts and other holiday items.

2~Have kids? Instead of spending money trying to buy gifts from them~have them make gifts from things you can find around the house.They are more personal and save money!

3~Bake! Make many batches of cookies and put them in the freezer~You can pull them out as you need them and add to a cute little tin of gift box!

4~Shop Early! You can look online and find many different sales and pick stuff up without fighting the crowds. Many good buys are advertised now and many are offering free shipping!

5~If you have packages to mail~get them ready early and pack them with popcorn! You can get all your shipping supplies free at the Post Office.

6~Decorate the tree with paper chains that you and the kids can make,you can add glitter and stickers to make them each their own!

7~Wrap with the Funnies from the newspaper`Kids love to read them and seeing their presents wrapped it them will make it more fun!

8~Ask other people to chip in to help make the holiday dinner easier as instead of one person doing it all~everyone could bring a dish to pass around. That way not just one person is making it all.

9~Do a name exchange with the kids~Put all their names in a hat and let each pick to shop for one person! Then let them do the shopping with you!

10~Check out the Dollar Stores~As you would be surprised what little gifts you can get there.They have many things to add to your Christmas!

Best Of All Have Fun!!

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