Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great Uses for Vaseline!

Our family has been using Vaseline for many years and if you are like the average American I 'll bet that you also have a jar in your medicine cabinet..This year they are celebrating their 140th  Anniversary and I would like to share the top 10 Tips that we use Vaseline For~

1~Stop Squeaking Door Hinges
It's so annoying when a squeaky door makes an ill-timed noise when you're trying to keep quiet. Put Vaseline on the hinge pins of the door. No 
more squeaks! 
2~Repair Stains, Rings, and Scratches in Wood Furniture
Cover each scratch with a liberal coat of Vaseline petroleum jelly, let sit for 24 hours, rub into wood, wipe away excess, and polish as usual. Will make it look like new again!
3~Keep Shampoo Out Of Kids Eyes
To keep shampoo out of kids eyes apply a thin layer of Vaseline on their eyebrows before you wash their hair. It will stop the suds from reaching their eyes.No more tears!
4~Cream Blush
Mix it  with your lipstick to create a cream blusher for your cheeks,as the Vaseline and lipstick make a great cream blush and it will match perfect!You can use this with all your lipstick to match all the time!
 5~White Glove Treatment
Before going to bed, soak your hands in warm water for two minutes. Pat dry and immediately cover in a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Now put on white gloves and go to bed. You will not believe how great your hands will feel the next morning!
6~Facial Cream
My grandmother and mother would use nothing else on their face.Every night they would apply a thin layer before bed.And,I have to admit that they did have very soft skin! Over 70+ years can't be wrong~right?!?
7~Diaper Rash
Diaper rashes on babies can be especially painful and a little Vaseline can soothe the bottom and also help keep the wetness away to help with healing of the rash.
8~Removing Gum From Hair
Many times when my kids were little they fell to sleep with gum in their hair!  Vaseline is the easiest item to remove gum from the hair. Rub a good amount of Vaseline through the hair near the gum. The Vaseline will remove all the gum!
9~Keep Lipstick Off Teeth
I get so mad when I am all ready to go somewhere,look in the mirror one more time and see lipstick on my teeth! Now I spread Vaseline on my  teeth  in order to prevent my lipstick from sticking to my teeth. Works every time!
10~Make New Eyeshadow Colors
Mix just a touch of Vaseline with powder eyeshadow~you can make new colors as I do this with all my old eyeshadows that are almost gone. You can mix all different colors and make your own!

What are your favorite ways to use Vaseline?? I'd love to hear them!

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