Monday, July 19, 2010

ProFLowers Elegant Twist Bamboo Review!

I was recently sent a Beautiful Elegant Twist Bamboo Plat from Pro Flowers to review. 
It arrived in a big box and was packed so good~there was no way that it was going to get damaged as I had a hard time getting to it. :-)

It was so easy to put together I just added the rocks to the planter that it came with put the plant in there and added some water and now I am sitting enjoying it every day! It requires very little attention and will contuine to grow for a long time.

ProFlowers has so many flowers and plants to choose from~I had a hard time deciding what to choose.
The green plants are great gifts for everyone as they are easy to care for and look great in the home or office.Men love plants too.

As~when this arrived the first thing Bob did was tell that this was his plant and to leave it alone he will take care of it.I am just to sit and enjoy it so I think that is what I will do. 


{I was sent the Elegant Twist Bamboo To Review.The opinions are my own.}


  1. My oh my, you really do get a lot of neat stuff to review. If anything, the free stuff is great. Is there a secret to becoming a reviewer like you?

  2. No Cheryl there is no secret.I just look all over the internet.And sign up everywhere!


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