Monday, May 24, 2010

Eden Fantasy's Sweetheart Strawberry Box Review!

I was recently sent the Sweetheart Strawberry Box from Eden Fantasy's and this is not your ordinary box of chocolates even though it looks like it. This is just too Cute and I decided to present it to my "Honey " after we had a little disagreement.

He looked at it and thought why would I am giving him a box of Chocolates? Well~the look on his face was priceless when he opened it! 

As inside it has  a 1.8 fl. oz. jar of strawberry body souffle~ 2 oz jar of white chocolate body paint~2 oz package of strawberry honey dust~feather applicator~a red satin drawstring pouch to hold the strawberry honey dust and a small paint brush.They have a great assortment of Paints~Lotions and Powders!

And~because he is the one that started the disagreement  he needed to "service" me  and I thought that this would be the perfect present for him!

We started with the Strawberry Honey Dust and this not only smelled heavenly but the taste was great!It was a very light powder and easy to apply.And the feather applicator was a hit~It was just the right touch!

The White Chocolate Body Paint was also a great taste but was kinda thick do I suggest not to use too much.We used the paintbrush to apply this.

If you are looking for something to spice up your "Playtime" I would recommend that you too check all the fun stuff at Eden Fantasy's as they have not only the Strawberry Box but many adult toys too!

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