Last Time I Was Here I Was 49...

As I have since turned 50 {Sigh...} I was really upset about turning that milestone but now that I have reached it~It don't really bother me that much! As~now if I want to be a crab I will as I have lived long enough to say so for myself! LOL~LOL

I have still been entering sweeps but not winning as much so I have been instead looking for more freebies!


  1. I felt that way when I turned 40. Now that I'm 41, I realized it wasn't too much different from being in my 30's.

  2. Yeah~Pam I agree it's only a number~right?!? LOL

  3. Happy belated Birthday, Deb!!! Congrats to making it to 50 and keeping your sense of humor and great attitude in check.

    p.s. Thanks for entering my giveaway. Maybe your luck has turned and you will WIN!

  4. Happy belated 50th birthday! I turned 50 last year and I remember was totally freaked out about it. Got through it though, and now my 51st is quickly creeping up on me!


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