Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Santé Nuts Review and 25% Discount!

~Santé Nuts~

Perfectly Crunchy Nuts for Snacking and Salads!

We love Nuts~I am forever looking for different kinds of nuts to eat and this time I hit the jackpot! As soon as the package arrived Bob took over..I barely had time to look at the package before he was tearing them open.

 So I thought that before he decided to eat them all I better get in on the action. We were  sent a awesome selection of nuts from Sante Nuts!

I don't know which one which one that I liked best as they were all good. But I think that if I have to pick a favorite it would be the Garlic Almonds. As I really like the taste of them and there is just a little bite to them. I think that these would be good mixed with some kettle popcorn.
Bob liked the Candied Pecans the best as he said that he could have sat and ate the whole bag. As they were so good with just the right amount of sugar. We ate these straight out of the bag.
We used the Salted Pecans in a salad one night,as I just felt like to cook light.I just mixed some greens and a tomato then I added the Salted Pecans{I chopped them up} and served with Raspberry Dressing and it was to die for!
The Candied Walnuts we had for breakfast in waffles and I served them with apples and cinnamon and this time I didn't have to worry about no one finishing their plates!

I loved all the nuts that were sent from Santé Nuts and I think that you would too! Visit Santé Nuts and save 25% off your order with code 2011-Blog-167. The code is good until December 16, 2011.
You would be Nuts not to place a order!

{Santé provided free samples of their nuts for this post. Myparticipation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own.}

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  1. I may have to order some of those garlic almonds! My current addiction is Wasabi Soy almonds, these may give them a run for their money!


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